Organization module | Adversus dialer software

Full user access control

Flexible user and partner management including permission levels. Design your own user groups and give access to specific modules only.
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Adjust module access

Create user groups

Create groups for different roles, ranging from agents to customers. Support transparency in compliance with international data laws.
Create user groups for any existing role
Share performance data with your stakeholders
Give access to deliveries for continuous feedback
Grant limited access

Control permissions

Grant different access levels to your users' modules to minimize complexity and room for errors. Restrict access to privacy data fields and specific campaigns in accordance with your preference.
Restrict access to specific data fields and campaigns
Define your own user groups with different module rights
Create unlimited permission and user groups
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Co-work with other companies

Connect main accounts

Strengthen the collaboration with your suppliers through a centralized solution that favors both transparency and compliance. Create better-performing benchmarks.
Centralize lead administration and reporting
Get performance data from multiple subcontractors
Share campaigns with multiple accounts