Contacts module | Adversus dialer software

Effective lead management

Import your contacts from various sources and make impactful decisions with filters and actions.
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Fresh data at your fingertips

Sync with any source

Adversus allows you to upload some of the most popular file formats and perform efficient lead management, enabling you to maintain full control of your data.
Upload to your browser from XLS, XLSX or CSV
Connect your contact pool to a CRM system / lead provider
Add unlimited custom data fields for contacts
Find the ones that suit your needs

Rich segmentation tools

Being highly customizable, Adversus allows you to filter your contacts in accordance with your needs. Moreover, you can research contacts via advanced options and automatically export Excel files via email.
Filter contacts based on any of your own defined data field values
Make advanced searches based on contact campaign history
Export to Excel or get automatic e-mails frequently
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Activate your leads

Handle actions with ease

Using Adversus, you can easily perform various actions. Activate and automate all tasks and daily privacy data cleanups in accordance with your current needs
Add, edit, update, delete and move leads using a single click
Automate your tasks, including the daily privacy data cleanup
Activate lead-tasks based on segmented lists