Journeys module | Adversus dialer software

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Optimize your workflows. The Journeys module allows you to automate and integrate anything
you could imagine.
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Triggered by internal and external events

Keep an eye on events

All journeys are triggered by events, either internal ones, such as a lead update, or external ones, eg. a change from a lead provider or a CRM system. Those events can be filtered down to the smallest of details.
Trigger journeys on lead and call updates
Segment events in accordance with your contact data values
Keep an eye on events that happen in external systems
Narrow important events down

Event filtration

Filter your events as many times as you like. Create multiple branches to support different scenarios based on events or contact data. By using your own data fields, only your imagination sets the limits.
Add multiple filters to various data sources
Branch out and handle multiple scenarios
Use any operator, such as 'exact', 'contains', etc.
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Activate tasks both in and outside of Adversus

Activate tasks anywhere

Add or remove leads from campaigns. Send automatic e-mails or SMS to your contacts based on their behavior, segment, and time. Introduce an automated workflow to integrate and activate in external systems.
Create, edit and delete internal resources in Adversus
Make requests with data to external systems and APIs
Send mails and SMS to leads, or add them to campaigns