Insights module | Adversus dialer software

Impactful data-driven decisions

Boost KPI in your organization across departments, employees, projects, and campaigns by keeping track of it.
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Select only the KPIs that are relevant to you

Custom reports

Pick your important KPIs with ease and get the data represented in any format you desire. Set up automatic emails once — and never worry about reporting to stakeholders again.
Select your most important KPIs in any time frame
Group your data by teams, users, campaigns or projects
Send automatic emails to stakeholders at your own pace
Ensure better deliverables tomorrow

Employee coaching

Coach your employees based on insights in their actual performance. Follow their activities in real-time, and react to their actions instantly to boost KPI.
Follow all campaign activities in real-time
Listen to your agents' calls in real-time
Find good examples and get inspired
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React to abnormalities instantly

Campaign monitoring

Follow the performance of your active campaigns and see the impact of your actions in real-time. Detect when it's time to refresh the contact pool and react to abnormalities instantly.
See the distribution between agents waiting, talking or busy
Track lead pool health through contact rate monitoring
Follow live performance data such as calls per agent rate