Campaigns module | Adversus dialer software

Focus on valuable activities

Intelligent campaigns deliver efficiency and optimize your call center, automating contacts and call flows.
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Prioritize conversations

Automate call flows

Our numerous automation features manage all the repetitive tasks for you — all you need to do is handle the given conversations.
Receive calls automatically with no wait time in between
Set up rules for max call attempts, expiration, and more
Automatically prioritize leads on your own terms
Integrated calendar and product-picker

Registration made simple

Register customer data, sales, and appointments using a single click, and without the possibility of making a mistake due to our smart validation feature.
One click appointment and product sales registrations
Record conversations with multiple compliance options
Validation and smart rules secure high-quality data input
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Informative & customizable contact cards

Prepare better

Always be well-prepared with our built-in customer cards. You are allowed to customize them in accordance with your preference — include your call scripts, iframes, customer data, and more.
Add any contact data field to the customer card
See full track record on your current lead including recordings
Insert iframes in combination with custom merge tags